Sunday, September 6, 2009

저는 배트리 입니다!

As I already said the other day, this whole morning and afternoon was spent in Mr Yew's driving school where everything is boredom personified EXCEPT, for the driving bit. Ehehehe. But I have super a lot to complain lor. Cause that's kind of what you do. When you're really bored. =p

First off, I had to wake up at such an ungodly hour which is partially thanks to some person who was vacuuming her place. Who vacuums at 6:30 AM?! D: And as usual, everyone was truly faithful to the Malaysian timing and everything started late. Not only that, after 3 hours of the class (which was in bm and which I clearly did not pay attention to), the guy I was partnered with and I had to wait outside for about 40 minutes for our driving instructor. I was literally wth-ing in my head the whole time through, ngrawr.

But then he finally came with some other lady and they taught (and quizzed) us about the car engine, how to change tyre, yader yader. I changed a tyre zomg proud like anything. :D But yeah, I wish they hadn't quizzed us so I wouldn't look so stone. -___-

THEN THE EXCITING PART. I DROVE, WOOH! Very slow la, cause the instructor wouldn't let me accelerate =p But yes, best experience ever. It's almost practically like grabbing freedom by the neck. *syoks*

Thank God (no really, thank You, God) that Vonn and Danny ended up doing it with me or else I would've.... died. Yes. Really.

Things to do during bengkel:

Attempt a Korean conversation with a lot of isseoyeo's and obseoyo's

Draw :)

Oh yeah. KL photos will be up soon!

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배트리 입니다!!