Friday, September 25, 2009




pictures the next post :)

All in all, it was the most absolute and unhealthy fun i've had since my sis left. I don't know why at these kind of things, we only 'wake up' at around midnight?
1. The only guys there were Lawrence Leung and Shane Dawson ;)
2. I probably gained weight that day.
3. It was my first time ordering Mcds at 3AM.
4. It was my first time playing with sparklers. I DO NOT HAVE A DEPRIVED CHILDHOOD OK
5. It was my first time trying on eyeliner (my ahma is the best, be jealous)
6. 9 oranges were blended in the making of our sleepover.
7. Vonn made us hide behind the gate everytime a stranger passed by. And when the aircon fan thing was running. -___-
8. It was, like, so totally, like, cheer-tastic.

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