Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She's got you high

I'm tired and I should be sleeping because I'm dead tired, but somehow I just don't feel like it. Sleeping, I mean. I know right, how gay is that, not wanting to sleep. I hope my bed doesn't misunderstand.. I still love it so much. T_T

So, today I visited GRC and again, felt a little weird. Just cause I miss the things that happened there years ago and then my old friend, Nostalgia, pays me another visit. I guess it's also due to the fact that things were just so easy and comfortable and bland - in a very good way. Like I told Ro the other night, being in the centre, we didn't have to worry about when are we gonna see each other next, whether our friendships were growing distant, or simply not caring. We could just go to school everyday, see everyone and hang out.

Those were the days.

Now everything's just OKAY, hunky-dory, some still close, others a little more on the fragile side. I think this adds to one of the reasons of why I'm looking forward to college. Meeting new people, getting settled somewhere that could bring some sense of security and 'routine' back into my life again.

But I'm glad the centre's doing, somewhat, better. It used to be pretty crap =p Hahaha.

Oh, and yes! I finally turned lembu! (Um, I finally got my L license) And I think today was supposed to be my first lesson BUT... i'm kinda stalling =| I'm bleeding nervous okay! I think it's cause I already got a taste of how it's gonna be like, so going on the actual road, WITH ACTUAL OTHER CARS, frightens me. Yeeeah. And my parents are like nagging my backside, which is so ironic since they used to delay my sis from learning.

They finally got tired of fetching us around? D:

So, my first lesson is going to be on thursday! Or friday. Hopefully.
Oh God, please help me.

Alright, bedtime rebelliousness is over. BEEEEDDDD! *jumps*

Note: I kind of wish you hadn't called me that. But I'm actually smiling now because you did.

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