Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sheldon Cooper

Oh wow, for the past few days I've been living off the TV (Hehe, Chuck and BBT), arranging driving lessons, cleaning up the various messes in my room, attempting to fix router/streamyx problems, and oh yes, I finally got to visit the new IACT today. Being in Jaya 1 feels like as if I'm walking around in a maze; a big Wonderland, if you will. Oh gee, I feel like Alice already, teehee. *prances around*

Alright, this Soph has gotta run. Buh bye.

PS: I love you, Jim Parsons T_T


vonn said...

omg. you dled the seaason 3 new eps d??? i want!

and you're going to iact and not taylors d? T_T deb my friend goes there tho

sophira chong said...

Only 3 episodes lah. The season is still in the making.

And yeah, most probably IACT already but I may transfer to Taylor's for journalism degree. That's if I don't suddenly decide to shoot off to Australia =p

Yez! I like the artsy posters there. Berry nais :D

vonn said...

whut! so sudden the change. so you'll be doing design? which course?

ooh. i got 1 and 2. but no 3 yet D:

sophira chong said...

Nah, not design. Will be doing masscom :O