Tuesday, October 6, 2009

For the past few days...

I am currently feeling like a lazy, headachey, non-imaginationy blogger. Bear with me? D:

1. I went through 2006 photos and videos. Actually started with the drama practice videos that Ms Cath took. So many spaztastic moments :D I don't know what made us take the Highschool Musical way, but I have to admit, it turned out pretty awesome. Go Vanessa and Wyatt? ehehehe.

When I first saw this pic I thought, "Eh best reunion photo of all of us."
Now, I don't think so anymore.

First worship retreat in May. Aah, 3AM mamak :)

Hilary Duff, lol.

And we can never ever forget Kelvin's Eeyore towel.
I guess that credit goes to Ro, since it is STILL her msn picture -___-

Worship team!

I miss the sai lou ):

Heh, good times.

2. Had a very sucky weekend. Self-explanatory on its own. I was beaten up by words and I'm probably a walking contradiction to Confucius's "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the words will never hurt me" because well. It hurt. Still does, but we all get over our hurdles of problems and misunderstandings eventually right?

3. Skipped church for a certain Mr Lee. OOH, my first driving lesson was mucho fun! It was filled with talking about older GRC students, backstabbing other instructors, discussing the difference of driving in other countries. And oh yeah, the driving bit =p
There was this random moment though, when I drove out of the training grounds and stopped at the traffic light though. This huge black car (Volvo?) pulled up beside me and Mr Lee wound down the window and it was like..

"Eh, later sik mat yeh ah?"
"Uh, ngo mm chi. Ngo call lei la"
"Ah, ok"

Later eat what ah?
Uh, I don't know. I'll call you la

I was like UHHH OK, SIAPA TU.

"Oh, that's my wife. See!"


AHEM. Besides that totally coincidental but somehow planned incident, everything went real smoothly. Except for the part where the car died twice when I had to stop at the slope but all was good. It all still comes down to this: I hate manual >.>

4. Finally, got the 'future education path' sorted out. It turns out I am most probably heading over to IACT! And my mom is convinced that it is all in God's good timing that they moved from Uptown (it looked like crap :X) to Jaya 1. Still have to go through some things with them but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be alright :)

5. Very delayed birthday dinner and a little too much wine. No, not my birthday dinner; it was my omma's. Sorry, was too busy eating to take shots of anything except for this..

..two bottles of almost-finished wine. *hic*

Yeah, my mom and aunt wanted me to sign up for intensive French. A higher level of course, but they don't have the classes. Probably because not enough people. Sooo! :D:D:D

Ok, I did more, but I can't be bothered to type or think because my head is killing me and so is my router. And I'm so hungry, dangit. Where's mummy when I need her? ):


Melissa Yeap said...

Whoah, you look so tiny in the first picture! :O
How old were you back then?

sophira chong said...

Ahaha the photo deceives you! =p I was only a little shorter, but it's because I was the only one leaning way back into the couch. That's why ;)

sophira chong said...

Oh. And I was 13 going on 14