Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free time

1) Yes, it is stupefyingly obvious that I have way too much free time on my hands and I do get tired of seeing somewhat gobsmacked faces with the "Gosh, then what do you do everyday?!" question plastered all over. Here's my routine: wake up, eat, read, do chores if I have any, download arbitrary stuff, watch them, eat, read, go gym, eat more. Things like that. I go out if I have to/want to. I know, I'm so living the sweet life kan. -__-


3) I just came back from a long car ride with Juli, Bry, and Terrence. Well, actual plans were to get to UCSI college by 8, watch the choir performance and all, makan a bit, go back. What really happened was: I got to Ju's house late, Bry + Ter came out of THEIR house late (eh so not entirely my fault ok!) and we only arrived at UCSI at about 8.50-ish. I also had no idea the college was in Cheras.

Yeah, wth.

The choir sang about 3 short songs and were dunzo. Then we hunted around for Ju's friends, got introduced to Ally, Timothy and Jocelyn, and left for some small restaurant called "Fun Ok". It was very... interesting. Mm, I shall not elaborate. Leave you to your own imaginations. ;)

The guys, as usual, had to do some weird thing. With the alphabet and number magnets that you could arrange on a huge metal board. I would upload a picture, but I know you youngsters who read my blog, so.. I'll shun from being another step closer to your minds' corruption. (Also cause I can't be bothered to upload photos now =p) I'm so nice. THANK ME. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

4) I suddenly feel really lethargic. In fact, I already have since on the way home. For the past few days, this feeling's been coming on to me pretty often actually, and I really don't know why. I know la, my bed so crazy awesome and all, but it's still kinda early lah. ):

5) I'm considering working in Zara next month! I most probably will. So I won't feel so useless and people can stop asking me, and making me feel even more useless. -___-

6) Also gonna taking my driving test then too. Wuu! But no guarantees that I'll pass on the first try. Stupid malay testers just out to get your money and if you don't give, they act damn bossy and most likely fail you just for reaching over and adjusting side mirror, pft. However, I shall remain the GOOD and VIRTUOUS person that I am and not bribe. Despite the encouragement from some people. >.>


8) I am gradually falling into depression because loads of Threadless sales has passed me by, and now that I finally want to order a shirt.... there are no sales. And I doubt there's one happening any time soon. Wai? They purplely do this to me wan. ):

9) ....I suddenly have a lot of sad things to post about. This is not good.

10) Goodnight.

♫ Pencil Full of Lead - Paolo Nutini


Vonn said...



sophira chong said...

Um um. I guess so? Make sure you visit! At least once! (lol so what la, I haven't even gone for interview yet already planning on giving discounts x_x)

OMG APRIL!?!? T____T By the way, I sent in the Lawrence Leung + Scrubs pictures and I didn't get anything.


Vonn said...

you found the place to send in? as in. they state you get a reward there? the street team one

sophira chong said...

Uh, they just stated there if I spotted someone famous wearing threadless, then I could just send in pictures. To an email. I guess that's about it.

Vonn said...

bah. last time they used to give out streetpoints ):