Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was on the phone with the mama bear. Ssshh, don't tell. :X Anyway, I actually had something in mind to post, but I suddenly... forgot. All of it. It's like how you come home with Gardenia bread, wanting to put it in the kitchen but you have an abrupt memory lapse and you end up in the toilet. That kind of thing la, you know? don't?

WEELLLL, errrr ummm forget what I said then. *cough*

So ya, now I'm just waiting for my L car to arrive in all its infinitesimal glory and then it's down to Cheras I go! I'm still quite lazy, but I mean, better than doing nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Besides, it'll be good to clear my head of all its choking and despondent thoughts. Later on, I may go for my interview. :O All the best for Soph yay?

Ooh time to get ready. Byebyee.

♫ Heartbreaker - G-Dragon