Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here's why my legs hurt...

Ooh boy, been out and about for like 3 days in a row and I don't think tomorrow will be any different. I still have my Zara interview to be done with, thanks to procrastination. Anyway, it started on Sunday, what with the kids' party in church and all. Then Monday.... Actually, I kinda forgot what I did on Monday. =p But at night, I went to the gym for combat and suddenly got a text from Vivienne asking me to join the 'hiphop zombie party'. It was supposed to be a halloween thing la, I guess. The class was suuper packed and everyone was wearing either black or red, with supposedly scary make-up on. I'm sorry but they just looked like they were trying to apply lipstick in a speeding train. With no lights. =/

It was funny, at least. Gotta give them credit for that, lol.

Failed attempts at looking creepy.

And yesterday, a whole bunch of us headed down to KL. Main reason was cos Zoe and Meg had to collect their O Level certs, but that kinda became a minor part of the trip heh. It was oooodles of fun, nonetheless! Also, I haven't seen Meg in a while. Missed her bumbum. :)

Waiting for Zoe and the rest to arrive. 7 trains passed us. SEVEN TRAINS.

After having lunch at Sakae (ooh, sashimi nomnom) and collecting certs, we decided to go down to Sungei Wang. The amount of walking to be done, GOSH. Let's see, we walked to KLCC, around in KLCC, out to British Council, back to the LRT station, to KL Sentral, walk to monorail, finally got to Sungei Wang. Oh yeah, and also the going back through all that and getting to Paramount. GOOD LORD. I feel tired just by thinking about it.

And now I have little cuts at the back of my foot cos my converse was scratching it. Oh, mummy, it hurts. ):

Passion bubble tea

Back at my place. Swimming, talking, failed pyramid tries. I gotta give it to Chanelle though. She wouldn't give up. =p

Yew Yew.





Lol, he wouldn't let us take a pic of him trying to be a lady. ;)

And then it was pizza for dinner while watching Family Guy and The Ugly Truth. After that, I plopped on my bed and immediately fell asleep. I didn't even realize I was that tired. I didn't even have time to disinfect my bed. When we came back from KL, sweaty and all, TER JUMPED AND LAID DOWN ON MY BED OKAY. Damn gross can!? T__T
I should start doing what Vonn does and make everyone clean themselves before sitting anywhere in my room. Now I know Chef, now I know.

Today was another long day. I went out to have early lunch with the mama bear and then had my driving class. Another 4 and a half hours of non-stop pushing pedals. Ooh my poor legs. And I realized how awesome it is to talk to Mr Lee. He's so enthusiastic. :D We were talking about boys when he said, "Yar mah, at your age, the face matters! See face first wan, true or not? And then when you're older, then only see body. When around 40 something, see legs only!"

Omg, I burst out laughing so hard. Legs??? xD
Ftw Mr Lee, ftw.

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Vonn said...

i'm so proud of your new revelation

sophira chong said...

Ah, well, learn from the best eyh. ;D

Vonn said...

yep. and the job thing. do they quit after they get benefits or something? there had to be some reason why. you never ask?

sophira chong said...

Got. They left simply because they can't commit la. It's like, they try try then don't want, so quit lor. Probably my age also wun.