Friday, October 16, 2009


Parking: check

Pedals: check

Annoying slope: check

I think I'm almost ready! And no, I was not taking these whilst driving. I just parked wherever and snapped it because Mr Lee was taking a break, eheh. :D The only thing that was not funny was when this stupid wtfishbbq car almost banged me on the road like, I wanna slap him you know!?!

See, I was on the bridge, and then this Myvi came close and wanted to cut in front of me so I thought whatever la. Then sekali ada blindspot in the mirror, I didn't see the car tailgating behind the Myvi, wanting to cut in also. And it came so close to my car that if I hadn't braked, confirm collision already. Mr Lee also had to help grab the wheel and swerve a little. Wth, really. Actually, if we bang also that guy sure kena damn kao because i'mma learner only.

Bbq his backside ok.
And then I heard laughter.. coming from Mr Lee.

"Hehehehe You panic ah? Panic ah?? Grab the wheel so tight! Haha!"


Sure panic la! Laugh at me somemore. ): Anyway, yesterday I finally got to hang out with my So-Called or my 'other half', as we used to say years ago. We had dinner at McDs, went back to my place, forgot Yiching's McFlurry, drove out to McDs again and came back, again. =p After such a long time, I finally got to experience his driving skills. And I lived! *happiness*

Him and his non-existent photography skills. :X
But yeah, these are the times I miss the most. Just being able to relax and talk about anything under the sun with the ones that are closest to me. Big fancy gatherings are great, but these little things are just as nice.


huiying.chin said...

ohh, my driving instructor's name was Mr Lee. he was nice :D

sophira chong said...

could be the same Mr Lee but then again, there are so many Lees around now. maybe the niceness just runs in their genes lol =p