Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Early Celebration

Oh man, I gotta stop updating at midnight. I'm all tired out and blurry-eyed, it's hard to think and type D: Anyway, about that birthday gathering we had on the 11th.

For starters, it felt pretty awkward. That Vern wasn't there. I've never celebrated a birthday where the feature of the night wasn't present. Trying to keep up with the conversations and striving to keep a smiley face up was no easy task, trust me. Then again, knowing that all of us shared that particular same feeling and understanding was somewhat, very comforting.

And besides, how can you not at least beam a little, knowing that such great company are around you? Especially Vern's family. They're so generous and awesome what with having a bunch of us for dinner and graciously opening their home to us. It's so great to be assured that Vern's grown up in such a loving home. :)

We had dinner at Sate Kajang. Honestly, I'd never even noticed the place before this, much less heard about it. And like, I've known Uptown for most of my life cause my dad works there. I was kinda disturbed about the name, actually. It's Satay, man. :/

lol ANYWAY, after dinner the group of us headed over to Vern's house. Aunty Josie served durians and if my abnormal (or maybe normal) dislike for them had not forbidden me to, I would've had some. I used to eat them though, when I was way young. I'm sorry la ok durians and me go like marshmellows and.... fart.

Actually, I think that's an even better combination.

Moving on, while the others were trying to eat their share, I was writing in this scrapbook that was being handed around. One of the questions that really got me was what I missed most about Vern. And all I could think of was presence. Precious presence. What I wouldn't give to have you here, eyh.

Then, staircase shots! I think this is partly because once seated, we couldn't be bothered to move. =p Some are from Ching's cam and some from mine. I won't post all la, but they're on Facebook, soooo..

Oh man, GOT to love Zoe's domo bag. I want domo I want domo! ):

Hahahaha Gomen! Joo's face just that LOL written all over :D

Everyone decided to come over to mine and Ching's place after. We just hung out at the pool area, spontaneously started dancing and recorded an impromptu Sorry Sorry video (stone like anything =p), and um yearh. That's basically it.

It's also where I took this accidental shot. Don't ask me what Terry's doing. He was trying to 'model walk' in front of the cam. Haih.

Pretty kickass, no? :D

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