Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 Gradutes, 2 Awards Nights & 1 Dress

Ooh lookie here, I've finally found time to update though, I actually don't want to right now.. after a few days of just simply posting up a few pictures and minimal words, I've just grown really really lazy to do this. But if I stop, i'll probably kena sabo by Chef and Zoe, so yeah. =p Anyway, last week was like, graduation week. A few of my friends, and even my grandma (respect respect), had their own individual celebrations so I made a point to attend them all.

It started off with my grandma's graduation from her Chinese Bible school. To be completely honest, I was reluctant to go la cause obviously, everything's written, said and even sung, in mandarin. But I'm not that lousy okayh! I know my numbers and my bu yao's and ai ni's. I also know how to read.... .

WOOH SO SMART! I smell an award.

But of course, this was important to her and it's a great achievement at her age which is 70.... something..... ummm, but yes, a great achievement. The only thing was that I was one of the very few who were dressed casually there. And the others were guys. -___- My casual isn't even like a skirt and whatever. I just wore shirt, pants and sneakers. Pai seh like anything.

And this is me. Attempting to eat an inedible flower. Yay.

With my grandma. :)

June, my only closest cousin.

Next was Cempaka's Awards Night, to see our Terry Terry Kawaii don his prettiful gown and finally escape from highschool. :) I didn't even really know the other "cempakians" so I just stoned with Ju and Ally. After that, we headed off to Curve for dinner and holy frack, I could feel my feet dying with every step I took. I AM CLEARLY NOT MADE FOR HIGH HEELS. FTL.

With the happy graduate :D

I spotted this treeee! Hahaha. Vicky, old pal from Rangers. Still tall as ever.

Yew Yew.


The end of it all was GRC's Awards Night which was pretty fun, only because I got to see my good ol' buddies again whom I've not seen in ages. We've all grown up so much. *tear* Also before that, Roanne came over to my place :D:D HAPPY WIFE-HUSBAND REUNION!
Anyway, another person I was dying to see was....

My dearly missed sai lou :)
And yeah, wore the same dress again.

Kelvin Wong!

L-R - Joshua, Roberts, Lydia, Kelv, Ro, Fai, Yen, Soph, Grace.

The Siblinghood together again. :D

Tommy Bommy who is so much taller than me now. I still remember how he looked like back in 2005. He was soo cute then. Now, I don't know what to say. HAHA. Kidding lah.

Ms Sarah Ti.

Now the next phase in life for a bunch of us is college / uni. Truly looking forward to it, especially me! I'm going to apply on friday so hopefully everything goes well. And yesh! My VBS photos will be up next. I'm missing them kids so much now, but like... i'm gonna see them on sunday anyway. Lol. I'm children deprived. I want small, young siblings too. T_T

Oh yeah, all the best to you SPMers out there!

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