Monday, November 2, 2009

The letter 'P'

josh says:
Okay was the examiner rude??

[eveʀʟasτ] Sof says:
nah, mine was pretty okay actually

josh says:

[eveʀʟasτ] Sof says :
he greeted me too =O and didn't ignore me

josh says:
U are lucky!! Hahaha

[eveʀʟasτ] Sof says:
and after that i was like "so did i pass? *creepily smiley face*"
and he said "yah, of course pass la!"
so i said THANK YOUUUU *imaginary hugs*
and he said WELCOMEEEE *runs away*

josh says:

That's how the story went, all right. There was a lot of waiting to do but, I wasn't that nervous thanks to the awesome texts I got from Ro, Ter, and Josh. :) I was just really sleepy. And it was so hot. And I just wanted to fall alseep right there and then. Meh. But all was good. I'm just really happy that I got past slope real easy and my tester was kinda friendly, thank God. And he did say those things I told Josh okayyy. Just without the actions. =p

Only thing is, I think my specs dropped out onto the road when I was getting into the car because I don't have it and I wanna cryyy. I feel so lost and handicapped without my specs. It's like, my extra arm. Um. If I had an extra arm.

ANYWAY, I've gotta go raid the kitchen now. Ooooh cravings.

♫ Hold On - Michael Buble

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