Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello, Ween.

Maybe I have a problem, but all this Halloween stuff is driving me nuts. Don't tell me it's for dressing up and trick-or-treating okay! Firstly, you can dress up whenever. Just have a costume party, d'oh. And secondly, nobody trick-or-treats here. Besides, it's mostly treats. If people actually tricked.... now that would be pretty fun. :D And it just occurred to me that Halloween has almost the same effect as Christmas, just a little less massive. It affects so many things, except music la. All they can do with that is play MJ's Thriller non-stop, lol.

First, the TV. My gosh, it's just been horror movies after thriller movies after horror and thriller movies. They were showing The Fog, then the Day of the Dead, and then oh go figure, Halloween. Even Star World was having The Simpsons halloween marathon. I can only be grateful that I did not accidentally land on a movie like The Excorcist or some crap showing halfway. So I gave up and went to Disney Channel and lo and behold, Halloweentown. And after that, Halloweentown II! Wooo! Or something like that. Haih.

Shane Dawson TV for the rest of the night then. ;D

Next, the malls. Which, for me, is 1u. Scary and whatnot decorations and costumes all over. I mean, did you see the newspaper? There was this small boy on the front page holding up two bloody chopped off hands and grinning like "Look mommy! Now I can scare them kids shitless and make them pee their pants! Aren't you proud of me? :D"

I'm glad I'm not in the US or somethin, where it's really hardcore there.
They would probably make ME pee my pants.


I'm sorry, TMI? =X

Okay, I may be complaining too much but cmon laah, it's not like I have better things to do, wth. =p And and, I'm finally recovering, thank You God. I beh tahan resisting all that unhealthy fast food and eating panadol eventhough I've finally mastered the skill of swallowing pills like a normal person so I just keep poppin 'em. Lol. What! I can't help but be happy that I don't choke and flail my arms like a retard anymore. I did that before. My parents thought I had issues.


Anyway, I'm gonna end it here and ciao now.
If you bother, please enlighten me on some things I could blog about other than telling you everyday that nothing much has been happening and ladida. I've run out of creativity and I think it's cos I haven't been using it lately. Not for writing anyway.

So yeah. Communicate with me, people! I know you're reading.

I'm watching you. *creepy eyes*

♫ Because I Missed Your Heart - Hwanhee

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