Saturday, October 31, 2009

I found this Postsecret in one of my folders. I forgot how much I liked it.

And meh. I don't feel much like blogging anymore.
I don't know who else reads this thing. Except for Vonn. =p
But yeah, just to say, things have been.. a little less than okay.
I'm still sick, but I did well driving today. So hopefully all goes well for test. Fingers crossed.
I don't know why everytime I turn on the TV, it just so happens to be showing a romance movie. Like today, I finally got to watch PS I Love You. And it made me even more depressed la wth. -__-
I'm kinda dried up here, sorry. Gnight?

Edit: I'm thinking of switching to Tumblr. What do you think? :D

♫ Some Kind of Wonderful - Michael Buble


Zoe said...

HOI ! i read lah , what is this ?!?!?
And like , stick to blogger . I don't like reading tumblrs :/

sophira chong said...

Oops :X Really? I thought everyone's so into tumblr now ahah.

Vonn said...


blog blog blog!!! continue updating! i read like everyday..wth -_-

no one comments whenever i blog either. but i i sound dem sad now T_T

don't switch!! lazy to change links d: and you got a tumblr anyway. just use it

Vonn said...

i meant..use the tumblr as a tumblr and keep blogger. don't switch

Melissa Yeap said...

You can try using tumblr. It's pretty simple and cool. :]

Vonn said...

NO! FLAME YOU! why you encourage such things T_T