Friday, November 6, 2009

Got somethin to say?

Afternoon! I know, another post already? This, and what I did for my previous post entry just corroborates the fact that I have too much free time on my hands. That, and it's not good for you to eat too much popcorn, sing out loud at midnight and take pictures of yourself doing stupid things at like 3 AM. But I did it in all good fun, humor, and embarrassment. =p Also, I've yet again been dumped at home by everyone. So I guess getting a license finally has not altered my life that much huh. Sucks.

As usual, I just sit in front of the computer and drift off to YouTube. Have I mentioned how much I love listening to rants? No? Then, I LOVE LISTENING TO RANTS. =D Well, only awesome ones. I honestly have no idea why but it just entertains me so much, just watching and listening people complain about this and that, 100% hilariousness included. I actually started off by watching Foamy.

Who on earth is Foamy?! you ask. Well, Foamy is basically this neurotic squirrel who swears and often talks/complains/insults this purple haired girl who is his owner (can't remember her name for nuts. Heh. Nuts, squirrel, geddit? HEH. Oh nevermind....) and random stuff like that. He's also in a snit most of the time and he rants like A LOT. In a super fast paced high-pitched voice. Along with Pilz-E, another squirrel. So yeah, I started off like that.

Then I found KevJumba.

A guy who talks about random things in his life and gets big on YouTube. Cool eh? I bet most of you know him by now lah. I got addicted to his older videos where he'd just talk about anything under the sun that happened to him. And, like, he was cute. =D

And after that, I discovered.....

Shane Dawson!!! Who, I guess, is a little more epic than Kevjumba just cause of his costumes and that he acts as a girl SO well. I used to think he's gay though. =X But yeah, ever since Zoe introduced his videos to me, I've been hooked. Sorry la, it's just so amusing you know! I have this secret and gradually growing love for Shananay, lol.

Oops. Not so secret anymore eh.

Lastly and recently, I started watching Nigahiga too. I knew about him years ago but never really bothered watching cause I was into Kevjumba. And when you're trying to concentrate on one, it's kinda hard to switch to someone else. I'm just like that lah KAY. But I gotta admit, I love his rants. Yeah his ohsofreakingfastspeakingrantsthathecangoonforwithouttakingabreath.


And I think I've figured out why I like him so much.
Because THIS.....

(HAHA no la, he's pretty good looking actually xD)

Reminds me of THIS......


I'm a little weird, it's okay, I know. But what are you gonna do, eyh? ;)

♫ Tick Tock - Ke$ha


JJ said...

omg haha, i love kev jumba :)

sophira chong said...

me too! well, you know that by now but yeah... me too! =p