Friday, November 6, 2009


Huh, so this will be my first time trying out something Nuffnangy like this. Only because it's Ninja Assassin and I have this burning and undying love for Rain (shutup shutup). So, how would I look like if I was a ninja assassin? Well, after the sudden decision to come up with an entry after just seconds of reading the post and without the expensive or time-consuming getup, I had to settle for this....

I IS NINJAAA! This is the best I could do, with dark colored clothes
because I'm assuming that if I'm a ninja, what better time to work than in the dark?
And I couldn't muster up enough will to actually cut a hole in my beanie...
so, how I see shall be a total mysteryyyy.

The specs is there to deceive you.
Hur hur.

And I thought, why end here? I'll tell you what I'd do if I ever got to be a ninja assassin.
I'd eliminate the country of all its common criminals. This will never be stopped, unless someone steps up to them. And no, that someone isn't the government or the police or wtv CIA, FIB, IMB, UOB... Ooooh yeah. You know who that is.
Something HAS to be done about them....

Moving as silently as the night sky~~~~


Moving as swiftly as the wind~~~~~


Looks like I'm done here.

PS: No piglets were hurt in the making of this.... whatever this is.

PPS: I'd make it longer except it's gonna be 3AM and I'm sleep deprived.

PPPS: That was SO entertaining to do, lolol.


Sharinginfoz said...

Nice one, really love that

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YobSumO said...

hahahha. damn funny lah u! ROFL! I hope u get the ticket :)

sophira chong said...

:D:D thanks!

Melissa Yeap said...

HAHAHAHA. You're an awesome ninja, Soph. :D

HEMY said...

what a creative one...good luck with the contest =]