Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Like Candy Canes At Christmas~

I was supposed to post this like a few days ago but then I got lazy and I was even thinking of not blogging about Christmas at all. But what the heck lah, I took pictures already, so here goes! Anyway, my Christmas was very normal, very traditional, as every year all the families gather at my aunt's for food (beef, lamb, turkey, Oh Lord save me), fellowship, carols, presents. That's the whole shebang.

And, my family, usually does something spontaneous for the presents part since... well, we're not exactly ordinary anyway. :p The previous years we did pranks, fake gifts, painted shirts, but this year we just went along with it and got everyone books, keychains, shirts, etc. Relax this time, who knows what will come next year hey. ;)

Oh oh oh, guess what I got?

HEEHEEHEE. My sis and mummy got it for me.
Not the huge one, but still the same amount of love. :)

Actually, I have so few cousins compared to the many my parents have.
I wonder why everyone had way more children last time than now.
Whatever happened to "go forth and mupltiply"? D:

Mei, Sophs, Li Shan

From 5'2 to 6 ft. tall..

....or is it 10 feet? :O

Then the very next day, I went to a dinner to meet up with old primary school friends. Honestly at first I was hesitating because, well, I've not seen them in ages. And we were only a gang for 2 years back then, though we were really reeeally close. We did all kinds of stupid stuff back then and now to think of it... it was mostly by my influence. Like I would make all of them bring napkins then we would play dinasour-dinasour (napkin tip goes into middle gap between your fingers so it looks like hair, hee), or convince them that they were drinking flavored water eventhough like hell it wasn't. Oh, and pretend we could sing exactly like Britney Spears. wonder we were so awesome then lol.

But it was great seeing them again! Despite the fact that only two of them were there but still great nonetheless! Mandy, the one I used to bully and Dharlynnie, my bestie.
Good times, good times. :)

We went from this,

To this!

Oh and this is Mandy's masterpiece. I'm so proud of her.

I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming reunion we're gonna have soon. It's a really good feeling, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. The friends in the now not that important......ahahahaha. Everlast always. ♥

♫ Bad Influence - Pink

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