Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Waits For No Man

Harro! :) So, it's already New Years Eve and while others have big all-nighter plans, mine were cancelled, simply because. Like I said on Twitter, I feel pretty dem sore about it but well, I've spent the previous New Years with friends already so I guess it's not too bad to watch the fireworks from my condo with the parents. And hopefully, movie marathon with the bestie right after. :D

In one of many ways, I'm like my dad. I could do things, I could celebrate, but if I don't then it won't bother me too much. After all, there's always next year and not to mention, got potluck dinner on the 2nd already. Which is... this Saturday? o_o I don't know why, but it feels far away lol.

And, about resolutions, I haven't made any for myself and I kinda never have? Ok lies, I did once or twice before but like everyone else, it never came through. (Unless you've kept yours then... *points at you* FREEEAK!!)

My belief is that, though it's not impossible to keep true to your resolutions, as a whole, it's still the most difficult promise to live up to for the entire year. Reason being is that everything, everyone, every circumstance is always changing. We don't live in status quo for long. Hence, despite that a lot of people have faith in their resolutions, I lack that trust in myself.

I think the only resolution I've ever fulfilled is my hair growth. (Hair was waaay shorter early this year) And I didn't even do anything.


The only resolution I'm gonna make for the coming year is this: to be the most I can be in any given situation. Whether it's being a part of my family, to being a part of my friends, to doing well in studies / anything to my utmost ability, and everything else that's heading for me in 2010. Like they always say, "Live life to the fullest". And heck yeah, I'm gonna.

I'm not fully ready to end this year just yet. My right arm may be well opened and all set to embrace tomorrow, but my left is still holding on to what's left of 2009. I won't say bad or good, but too many events happened this year; experiences that's left a huge impact on my life. I'll never forget them.

But life goes on as time has no sympathy for man. >.>

So I hope ya'll enjoy tonight! See you on the flip side!

♫ For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert

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