Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year :)

I initially planned to blog pictures of every month from January to December 2009, but.. the mix of photos seemed inappropriate, if you knew what we've been through for the past year. Combining those pictures together with a totally different set of moods just doesn't feel right lah, for me. So that idea's discarded til the end of THIS YEAR!

Oh and, happy new year everyone! I spent last night being company to my dad who caught a flu and cough. We got to see 4 types of fireworks from our balcony though. Well, half of it. Was it just me or were the fireworks lower this year. And it was a little slow too like waklrgjrealkhta poot poot, a few farts in the sky, colors. :/

But anyway! I hugged my dad as it turned 12 and was all, "Hey pa! I hugged you for a year hee hee." I so schmart, thank you thank you! :D So yeah, that was basically it. Then we watched the Chosen Ones for 09 and.. yeah. (Jason Mraz! Wise choice, V, wise choice)

Btw, if anyone saw that and you know the song Jason Mraz performed and sang to the couple on the phone (daytime performance) PRZ TO TELL ME! I'm dying to know. T_T

Pictures from Tenji dinner:

Meet Terry, the coconut.

I like this photo a lot omg. Good job Soph, good job.

Yewyew's so-called brilliant candid photo.

PS. The January 1, 2010 date above looks so epic.

♫ I'm Yours (Reggae Mix) - Jason Mraz

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