Sunday, January 3, 2010

For Me To Smile...

...and for you to roll your eyes at. :)

Joon, you gorgeous thing! See, I wanna tie the headband like that but unfortunately, I don't have that awesome short hair. And I definitely do not want to simply just wrap one string around my head like most girls do these days. Cause a lot of times it just doesn't suit and they end up having major faceproblem.

..I only speak the truth for you to know. D:

OH! OH OH OH, I finally got to watch Avatar today and it was buh-rilliant. I loved everything about it from the storyline to the characters to the littlest intricate details in the Na'vi's structure and scenery. Everything blew me away. Did you see where they lived!? And the battle scene at the end? OMG SO BEAUTIFUL. I WANNA BE A GIANT SMURF TOO. ♥ And be able to bond with animals using my hair. I'd be all,

*attaches hair to piglet & jumps on*
Piglet: ..T__T

omg :D

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