Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love In All Shapes & Sizes. Literally.

Lately, Ro and I have been talking about love stories.
I know, love, the feeling, is the same to everyone.
Man, woman, child, nature, animal....pig-rabbit.......
But it's the stories that differ. From mundane, out-of-the-norm to the classic fairytale-like ones that come only once in a blue moon.
Out of the few points she gave me, I agreed strongly with two.
One being that nowadays, people are too afraid to take the risk. Often, they can't be bothered to sacrifice and love, in that situation, is taken for granted or easily pushed aside.
Second, romance, that people only claim to exist in dramas or movies, is dying.
Actually, what happens on screen (maybe not as perfect and on the dot) can be applied, but therein lies the conflict with my first point.

You see?


So, on the list of things (that's still growing!) that we have mutually promised each other that we must fulfill no matter how old, how lazy, how shrivelled we've become, (HEH she doesn't know that part. SSSHHHH) one more has been added:
have epic, fate-related, romantic stories of our own.

So genius!

Oh, and while I was thinking about that in the toilet, I realized something that my dad recently installed. A new tissue roll holder omg :D And it has proven to be a model example to me. Because it has

1) a transparent flap. DOES YOURS!? HA

2) taught me that I am not accustomed to using a tissue roll holder

3) helped me save tissue paper. 4 squares when you pee! :D

4) somehow changed the look of my toilet

5) shown me how much I love tissue roll holders

Hence, I wish to be a new tissue roll holder in someone's life someday. lolol.

♫ Please Don't Go - CL & Minzy

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