Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Reading Music

Since I've had barely anything to do lately other than indulging in my usual korean crack and going to the gym, I've taken to reading more. I think I've said this before. But somehow, splitting my time between reading and using the computer has been quite.. difficult. Which is kind of funny considering the fact that the internet seems to fail to interest me more and more. I mean, seriously, how much can you do nowadays? Facebook, twitter, blogs... can browse through them all in a few minutes. Because I'm not popular and I don't have a lot of people stalking my backside. Lies! I am so popular! T_T

And you know, sometimes when you've been in your own company for too long, talking to yourself too much, to the extent that you're able to just snap out of it and get lost in your own mind (what, you don't do that? ..I feel your sadness), you find that you can discover new things about yourself. Well, either that or you go crazy, but I've not reached that stage yet. :X

So I've learned two new things.

1. ....that I've steadily grown to be extremely forgetful.
Okay no, that's actually not the first thing but omg, did I just forget what I wanted to say...? WTH I REALLY CANNOT REMEMBER. WHAT IS THIS. SO OFFENSIVE. WAIT. IT'LL COME BACK TO ME. omg....

What the deuce. I seriously cannot remember. Maybe it'll come back to me later. This is frustrating. I hate it when I forget while typing. Aish. Anywayyy....

2. That books are like music to me. When I think of the various genres of books and novels, I think of the different styles of music. I can literally feel the vibes and emotions that both books and music release and, to me, it's strangely intriguing. I noticed this while I was watching Hwang Jini. :p

And like songs and lyrics, words have a way of exciting, inspiring, motivating me. When a person has the ability to arrange words that string along with the flow of the story, it's... beautiful, as corny as that sounds. When a paragraph, even a sentence, strikes me, I could stare at it for at least 15 minutes and read it over again and again. It's the reason I admire authors like Ted Dekker or Kate Forsyth (I know, not even same category of novels lol). They have talent to stimulate thought and even be the cause of it. That's why I respect them. That's why I even considered taking up journalism in the first place.

The thing is, I still haven't gotten around to writing yet. This depresses me. Because it's life as if my imagination grew legs and ran off. Probably eloped away with my vocabulary too. I feel handicapped. And this coming from the person who used to make her friends think they were drinking flavored water and had special toe/fingernails is no joke. (My primary years were awesome, that's all you need to know)

Eheh. Honestly, realizing aspects of yourself is entertaining too.
And this only comes through isolation. :p

Now, if only I could find the part of me that appreciates vegetables......

♫ America's Suitehearts - Fall Out Boy

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