Sunday, December 6, 2009

Unencumbered Words

Hello people :D I know, this blog is very, crucially close to.. death.
And yes, I did make the fonts suddenly bigger. Despite it looking messy,
I couldn't tahan the puny Arial fonts no longer.
And having small eyes has nothing to do with seeing less or letterbox size. >.>

Or maybe it does. Cause I find small fonts to be very disturbing.
I'll also give this blog layout a revamp soon.

But anyway! Actually, I don't really have much to type about.
Because everyday's been the same. Just that time's still going on.
I'm either at home or 1u or church. Either alone, alone or... alone.
Okay, no lah not that pathetic, but you know,
I haven't met up with friends or anything for a while.

I miss a few people. ):

Oh, and I just got back from a vbs appreciation dinner.
That's the perk of helping out. You get free food soon after. :D

I've been on YouTube a lot too, lately. And I figured, it's kinda easy
for people to get big and famous nowadays.
I mean, all you have to have is an idea or at least, creativity. And boom! There you are.
A lot of people have that actually.
It's just the few that have initiative... only they get somewhere.

So to sum that thought up,

humans are incredibly lazy. Yay us :D

Another thing is that, am I the only one who thinks David Henrie is pretty hot?
I'm probably one of the very few who watch that Wizards show just to see him.
And maybe Selena Gomez. Cause she's so frickin pretty. Unlike Miley Cyrus.
MC fans, don't stone me prz.

At least I like her..... hair?


Yah, she has nice hair. *sniffs*

tee hee.

♫ Holiday - Green Day

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