Wednesday, December 2, 2009


  • Yes, I drew the picture. So cute lah, i know :D
  • I'm over-the-moon happy that after my relentless 2 weeks search for my korean book, I finally found it.... in the living room. facepalm.
  • Because of that ^ I now have no excuse to further delay my self-study. I can do this! I will make Ms Wan proud! (I probably didn't seeing as I left out the "ㅖ요" in my word bubble up there. I SAW THE MISTAKE OK DON'T JUDGE ME)
  • I miss people and I miss hanging out.
  • I also miss watching Djokovic
  • And Shin Woo
  • And Hong Ki
  • Ooh, and I've started rewatching Hwang Jini again :D

  • I'm trying to eat a little less and healthier but my mom's beginning to think I've lost my mind.
  • I actually didn't have any pimples for a whole week. So I was all, WHEE HAPPINESS.... til now. Thanks to my 4-day sickness, I got em again. Stupid stupid.
  • Mcds with the So-Called again tomorrow :)
  • I love (Ryan Higa should upload more videos)
  • Celebs need to play with helium balloons more often

I think I've written enough points.

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