Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something Smells Like Christmas

1) Happy Christmas month! :D

2) To start it off, I just received my offer letter from IACT today. Wooh!

3) College only starts in April '10. Quite wth la, cause I still have to wait for a while more. But! I'll probably be getting a job. (Hopefully won't get rejected again eh) Also, have to retake stupid O Levels again. Shoot me prz.

4) I wanna watch 2012 and New Moon. Teman? :D

5) I finally finished watching You're Beautiful and now I'm sad.

6) Now I'm even sadder because my dl rate is moving at grandma speed. Wait, scratch that. My popoh's hair grows faster than my dl rate. Even my popoh's hair's hairs.

7) I'm suddenly craving for cookies. Soft-baked cookies. And ice-cream. Mmmm, ice-cream.

8) Oooh, banana!

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