Monday, November 30, 2009

Check it out now, to God be the gloray!

Hello humans! At least, that's what I hope you are. :) I've been pretty MIA with the internet, or rather, my laptop, because I wasn't feeling well at all for the past few days. I was ambushed and attacked by rabid squirrels. D:
...okay no, but I caught a bad fever-headache combo with a dash of flu to go on the side. Whee -_- I practically made the living room couch my second bed during the day and spent the whole day either sleeping, swallowing panadol, or watching TV with my dad. Now I've realized that the movie selection on Astro sucks, especially HBO. It's like the whole afternoon, the list is like this: Airplanes!, Airplanes II, Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Rush Hour 3. And then the next day, it's the same thing. AIGU.

Okay, so I was supposed to blog about VBS last week which went on for a standard 3 days in a row. I sorely miss it now ): Especially the kids! I need not emphasize how much I already love taking care of children. Even when I was a child I liked taking care of other children. =p But anyway, I helped look after the ones from 4 to 6 years old and basically, they're way more fun, energetic and obedient than the older ones. I'm sorry but older kids are either really annoying... or dead. Metaphorically speaking, of course. D:

I was worship leading with Yen for VBS and also had to lead my own group simultaneously. It's a wonder why my voice didn't disappear midway.

There was one girl who kept infiltrating my group though. I don't know why.
Maybe she couldn't keep away from the awesomeness that is.... zebras.
And she looked like Zoe's 4 year old self. Hahahaha.

Jun Weng when he's with us.

And Jun Weng during nap time :D

Fancy chocolate stick of loooove, mmmmm...

Jehann, the boy who keeps holding my hand and smiling with big gugu eyes.

Zhi Yang, most well behaved :)

Roanne, least well behaved :)
tee heee.

Alex! My dear Shin Woo in the making.

On the third day, we headed off to the ostrich farm and the day before, my mom was organizing which teacher goes into which bus. Being the SUPERFANTABULOUS mummy she is, she put me in the same bus as her -- with all my favorite people inside. This is not called favouritism. This is called Following The Kids I Like The Most Because They Make Me Happy.


Aidan and Alex, the best buddies.

Me: Brandon! You know, you drew a flower on my shirt last year =D
Brandon: *big smiles*
Me: *thinks he remembers* Do you remember meee?
Brandon: *still smiling*
Me: =D?
Brandon: *shakes head and smiles more*
Me: T__T

Yen, forgot-his-name, Brandon (T__T)

Ostrich with sepeted eyes.

My lame 1 minute attempt.
But yes, this boy ah, I had to carry him, buy him drink, cheer him up so he
won't get moody and say "i want to go home". Even on the bus ride back to church.
But he's still so adorable. :)


Brandon's older bro, Josh.

Til the next VBS. :)

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