Friday, November 27, 2009


I've suddenly fallen sick and I don't know why. T_T Like, halfway walking around 1u with my parents, dizziness hit me and then I got a headache which, strangely, made me either wanna throw up... or fall asleep. Don't judge meh!
Oh yeah, I went to develop some photos as well and the manager at Fotokem super nice okay. I wanted to print 3R sized photos and my mom was all "why not 4R why not 4R???" cause it's same price. But then he told me he'll give me 10 cents off for each piece. Plus the discount I get since I have the card. =O I LOVE FOTOKEM PLZ. Time to print my polaroids. Wheee.

And, a while back, I heard of Rain's new boy group, MBLAQ. I heard their song and claimed that I didn't like it, etc etc judgmental things. But when I let Ro listen to it, for some reason, I got hooked. It's stuck in my head now.

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah yeah yeeeah ~


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