Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do the Ninja Glare

So thanks to my impromptu post of slight embarrassment and short-lived creativity, and, of course, Nuffnang :D I got 2 tickets for the premiere of Ninja Assassin. Which was awesome cause then I can consider that I paid 10 bucks to watch it twice (I have to watch a second time with someone else =p). The only thing was that I had to sit beside these 2 Cantonese-speaking girls who just wouldn't shut up. They kept gasping and wow-ing at every single thing. It's like,

*ninjas appear*

*building appear*

*potato appear*

And another thing about Chinese people is that they can't ever not say "aiya, sei lor!" The girls just couldn't. Stop. Saying. It. GAH. So anyway, about the movie, it was good. That is, if you don't include the CGI blood (reminded me of Blood the Last Vampire which was a major crapfest and a 101 times worst), Rain's unglam hair, and the fact that both Germans and Japanese were speaking English. I liked the fighting scenes very much though, which seemed to go on for most of the story. Actually, the movie kinda went by pretty fast. I guess all that ninja kicks and not to forget, LEE JOON, made up for the somewhat weak storyline.

And and and.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnn. :)

I've not had my Rain crack for ages. Because he MIA in the music scene and has gone off to be big in the US. DON'T CARE ABOUT AMERICANS! WE'RE MORE IMPORTANT! AZNS 4 LAIF v^_^v

And I'm starting to consider changing (though I probably won't) my email. I created it when I was 10, it's long, and not to mention, very contradicting. Like when I went to collect my tickets right, obviously I need to give them my email add. So it was like...

Girl: Hi, what's your email?
Me: Um, spiders are etc etc.
Girl & Guy: Hahahahaha.. so you're afraid of spiders?
Me: Nah, not afraid. Just dislike.
Guy: So you don't like Spiderman then?
Me: Umm, noo, I love Spiderman.
Guy: But Spiderman is like... Spider. Man.
Me: *takes ticket* K BAI!

I cannot be bothered to explain anymore kayh. It's too stressful T_T
Oh, and yeah, Chef. To satisfy your curiousity, this is Jun Weng.

His name shouldn't be Jun Weng.
It should be Cute Little Panda Exploding With Love. HEEE. :D

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