Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Impressions

1. I want ice cream now and it's all Roanne's fault.

2. I'm still depressed cause I just found out the whole of Spiderman 4 has been rebooted. "Wth, rebooted?" Well, apparently, Sam Raimi feels that he can't make it for the summer release and so he decided to pull out -- entire cast included. Which also means another director + cast will be doing Spiderman 4. I ask you... WHO THE HECK WANNA WATCH LA? Seriously. I love Spiderman and Tobey. Some other geek-wannabe wouldn't do.

And my dad was all, "Then they should get Pierce Brosnan to be Peter and Angelina Jolie can be Mary Jane. Hurhurhur. Good one good one."


3. I've been roaming around 1u looking for a part time job. A few of my favorite stores either aren't hiring, or are just waiting for my birthday to pass so I'll officially be 18. Cotton-On, you suck. D: And today was annoying. Cause I just went there to catch a movie and I passed by Topshop and so happen, there was a vacancy sign, ladida, I walked in. Highlight: I was dressed very casually. So I walk up to the lady at the counter right, asked her about the sign, and she turned all smiley stoned face on me. And she started drilling me with all sorts of questions, including whether I have a car? Why? She wanna steal is it?! GET YOUR OWN DAMN CAR, WOMAN.


But yeah. Then she suddenly told me.. "Is this how you dress for an interview? You know, I got a first bad impression of you when you walked in. You came across as a person with an attitude. Yeah. *grins*"

I looked around and almost every girl I saw was wearing what I was wearing. And hello, the sign did not even state it had walk-in interview. All the shops I went to just asked me to sign a form and that was it. Another thing is, when I walked in, I didn't even go straight to the counter. So technically, she just judged me right on the spot without knowing whether I was gonna ask for a job or not.

Oh and by the way, if you're a girl and you wear shorts and slippers, you have an attitude. Because Topshop Lady says so. And we all know Topshop Lady is always right.

4. I really wish college started already. Staying at home/playing RO/looking for jobs is making me feel so sian. I need to get busy with something, and soon.

5. My sister's friends know me as Joomi. =p

6. Today would've been okay. If Play N Learn was hiring and Topshop Lady didn't happen. It really would've been. Now I'm just believing in tomorrow. Please let it be good. ):

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