Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bad Dream = Back Ache = Angerrrr

I feel like someone's been taking a knock at my back all night. It's aching from my left side and every time I bend over to see if the ache's still there, it makes me look like a granny. Or a weird person having slow-mo spasms.

...either way, it's not good.

And last night (or rather, early this morning?) I had the most bizarre dream ever. I mean, I've had weird ones before obviously, but this one was.... beyond retarded. And the beginning actually really freaked me out which is probably why I couldn't sleep properly this morning.

This is how it all went. Or roughly, since I can barely remember it now.
(Note-to-self: Record dreams immediately after being dreamt)

So! It all started out with this dog. I forgot where I was or who I was with but, there was that stupid dog. It was huge, ugly, disgusting, and for some reason unknown to mankind and all its stupidity in dreams, it kept sticking to me like a fly sticks to bright lights, or spoiled food. Then it began this habit of repulsively grabbing on to my hand with its huge mouth MY GOSH. I don't even know what the frack is up with that but it was so disturbing. I hated it like how I would hate any revolting human being. And then it occurred to me that somehow this dog felt like an equivalent to a perverted, sick human. The way it grabbed my hand each time was so DAAAAMN disgusting, okay. I shouldn't shake it off like seriously, WHAT THE DEUCE!?

That was how annoyed I was. I could feel it even when I was asleep. (I was probably only half asleep though)

After that, I can't remember much except that that dog suddenly, magically or whatever, became a person. A girl. A very, very, VERY irritating girl that I would repeatedly stab with a toothpick until the day she dies okay, like THAT much irritating.

So then I was out somewhere, I think in the old wing of 1U (that just proves it.... i've been going there too much), when she appeared out of nowhere, grabbed my phone and ran off with this infuriatingly annoying continual screech for laughter.

Oh. My. Shiz. I wanted to kill her.

Of course, I was literally burning and raging with anger. Who wouldn't be lah, if some idiotic dog turned into an idiotic girl and stole your handphone? What kind of sick retardation is that. I think she was supposed to belong to some family who's somehow friends with my family though I cannot, in any remaining logic of the world, think of why that is so. But, that was how it is.

Everything was a blur after that, partly because I was turning here and there in my bed, trying desperately to fall back to sleep but also not wanting to sleep fully cause of that dream. Or nightmare. Whichever. I think I was too angry HEH. Then I went out with my sis and someone else, waiting for the girl to pop around somewhere with her fellow imps or something. I even purposely tied all my hair up into a bun and wore specs just so she wouldn't recognize me.

The plan worked and AHAAA! She appeared! With another person I didn't really see but was most likely identical in ugliness and annoyance!

She spotted me though and tried to make a run for it but being more or less a huge sissy and thankfully, having the speed of the fastest sloth in the world, I managed to catch and grab hold of her arm. I demanded for my phone back, but she slapped me.

Nice. So I punched her back HURHURHUR.

Dem violent can, I feel kinda bad. HAHA no, not really -.- But, I got my phone back and all was happiness and rainbows and unicorns after that. I finally woke up but not very happy though, because then I realized it was only 8AM and that horrible dream woke me up so suddenly. I couldn't even go back to sleep.


I can't believe a non-existent person ruined my morning.

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