Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm In Mah Zone

I don't usually talk about gym or the things I do there. Lol, that sounds so wrong. The things I do in the gym MM HMM. *eyebrow wiggles* But yeah, it's because when I talk about it or even mention the times I go there, people just somehow automatically have this stereotype of me being a "gym buff". Which I'm definitely not, if you compared me to the hundreds of scary weight-lifting fanatics who are so huge they look like popcorns about to explode.

Some friends have asked me though, what's so nice about going to the gym. Well firstly, if you know me, I like to dance. No, I love, to dance. And fine, the classes around here aren't that great except one or two here and there, but at least it's something than nothing at all. Secondly, it's like my own comfort zone. I find it relaxing.

:O! Relaxing while exercising?? WHUUUUT?

I don't do machines and wtv lah, okay, for starters. I only go for classes. Like combat. Because I like to kick here kick there and punch here punch there. Damn invigorating :D And it's not so much the exercise or the music and whatnot.. it's mostly to do with the people there.

It's just like how you have friends anywhere else. In school, in college, in the workplace, in church, etc. That place can be the greatest in the whole planet, but it's always the people who add the extra zest to it. You can just tell the difference between being in a theme park alone or being in a theme park with either a lot or a few good friends. Right? INORITE!

They may not be my closest friends like best friends and stuff (well, except for the one above ^ she's my other mummy luls)...

...but heck, they sure make life a whole lot more fun. :)

♫ Do It Again - Cassie Davis

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