Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Short Hair? Long Hair? Cheese?

I'm suddenly missing my long hair a lot lah, wtheck. :'(

I will never comprehend this mental process of girls. We think it's a brilliant or at least, a "healthy" idea to cut off a few inches. Like, what does it matter right? I mean, hair grows -- with time and patience. But it still grows. So we head down to the hair salon and say like, "Mm, I wanna trim. Maybe 3 inches?" And then your trusty hair stylist that you've known since you were like 12 and a midget and he had to stack towels on the chair so you'd be higher, goes ahead and thinks "Ooh wtheyy, we'll just screw it up and cut off HMM 4 AND A HALF INCHES, PERHAPS?"

Then all that 4 and a half inches falls to the floor and BOOM; you're bawling your eyes out.

..okay no, I didn't cry but, my heart did. And my bare shoulders that no longer had long strands of hair swishing back and forth it. If shoulders could cry, that is.

Now I just constantly look in the mirror and pray that God's grace will befall upon me and my hair will grow as fast as my fingernails. T_T

PS. I wonder if eating lots of jambu will speed things up. :o
PPS. What about vegetables?
PPPS. What about carrots?
PPPPS. Oh screw that, I hate carrots.

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