Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'd Do It All Again :)

  • Sunny Sunday afternoon- being a sleepyhead despite the fact I just woke up a while ago from an intended one-hour sleep which ended up becoming two. Now, how did that happen, even with my alarm on? :/ Life's greatest mysteries.
  • Randomities and photos throughout. *peace*

  • Friday was spent in OU right after class finished. When Julian asked me, "What did you do from 1 to 7 there?" I realized I couldn't really answer him cause.. what DID we do??? If I said we just walked around for all those hours, I'd sound like I've completely lost it. So to nullify that, I'll just whip out the old saying and say, time flies when you're having fun. ;)

  • On that Friday, my student ID double-scratched my leg until it bled. Not only is it ugly, IT'S EVIL TOO. OHGEEZ.

  • As my friends would've noticed, I've begun to list A Happy Thing everyday. At least one. Because somehow, finding the frustrating, irritating bits in my day is so much easier and, why should that be? I go around telling my friends to appreciate the tiniest things in life and yet I'm oblivious to those things myself. Maybe, just maybe, in time, searching for the "happy" in everyday will become a habit rather than remaining as a chore.
  • Happy Thing #5- You. :)

  • Recent meet-ups with old friends is making me smile big bigggg! Yesterday I went to watch Robin Hood with Julian. After 5 years, the boy has not stopped poking and bullying me. WHAT ABUSE IS THIS ): And then after, with Roberts! And a new friend, Ian. :) Tomorrow, gonna see Megs and Zoe. And Tuesday, Josh. WHEEEE! *runs around in circles*
  • .....*still running around in circles*

  • :D I have the best kor in the world, tqvm!

  • And to conclude, I've successfully influenced my friends to sit at random places and play the game that I've only ever known as "set set set, bom bom bom". This feels so, awesome. EHEHEHE.
  • I'd better go before I start hyperventilating. :O

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