Monday, May 24, 2010

Hear Me Out Once

Good morning, world.

It's only 10:08AM and I'm already sitting here, wondering if I'm actually a good person or not, at all. Whether the nice things said to me are even meant at all. Basically, being doubtful.

Is it such a hard thing to see me being happy? Does it give people like adrenalized shots to have me put down or become miserable, as soon as something actually good happens to me? They must be thinking like, "Oh let's screw her over since she's so vulnerable and feels guilty and bad and everything's her fault all the time. Easy target."

Oh, that's not what they're thinking?

Well, that's how I feel.

I choose to be cheery all the time because I've learnt it the hard way that being moody doesn't lead you anywhere. I choose not to be "reveal-all" with my issues because I've grown up being able to manage on my own. But perhaps, being that closed up has its downfalls.

Because apparently, I've been forgotten as someone who has feelings too.


Again, good morning, world.

Time to begin my day, with a "smile".

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