Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You're A Tiger, You're A... Deer?

Hello, world! :) I was scratching my head, trying to figure out how I was gonna push down my previous emotional outburst. Because, nobody wants to come her and see "Good morning, I hate the world" everytime, yes? Yes! And then, I remembered about the THING I had on Monday.

The Thing being the Kitschen photoshoot I had!

So, a few weeks back, Kitschen emailed me telling me they remembered the photo I had submitted for their competition like, somewhere last year? This one:

And so they recruited me, and a few other contestants, to be in some ad for Seventeen Magazine. (So not gonna say when cause I don't want my friends to see it lol) It was kinda funny that the staff and all could recall my picture the second they heard my name. Quite cool too :p But anyway. I pulled Zoe along with me cause, I had a gut feeling that I knew I'd regret if I went alone.

And as sure as I was, I probably would've regretted. BIG TIME.

Ohgeez, it was SO boring and tiring. We were there from 1:30 till 6 and most of the time was spent waiting around. Well, we got to meet the few others who were there as well but.. I can't really remember their names anymore.... :/ It's totally fine though, cause I'm pretty sure they don't remember mine either. Ever since I started college, I stopped expecting people to, after they meet me the first or second time. Somehow, Sophira just doesn't quite pass the memory section. D: Bummer.

So, we had to choose our own clothes in the store. It was either that or we had to let ELAINE choose. (Note- look Chef! S/He's in my pikcha! HAHAHAHA. Ohlord. I hope they don't see this) And, I was the only girl who chose pants, no surprises there. They also tied up my ponytail so high and sprayed so much hairspray, I looked like some perky cheerleader high on crack.

After that, make-up. After make-up, more waiting.

Individual photos were taken, we joined Vonn to lepak around while waiting for our turn again, talked, popped back to the store. And throughout the whole time, I was praying hard that I would get something out of this. Like, MONEY? Or free clothes. :D

I like free things ehehehehehe.

We took quite a lot of shots. o_o And after we were FINALLY done, I dropped them back at Vonn's place and came straight home. Gosh. I felt pretty dem tired after that.

Oh, and after that whole gruelling process, guess what we got?

....RM50 voucher that expires this Monday.



w3ndee said...

hey, I went for the photo shooting too! I saw you :)

sophira chong said...

Oh hey! I remember you too! HI :)

HitoMi Ng said...

poor little they give >.<

sophira chong said...

I knoww! But well. For the experience, I guess. :/