Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Impact Or A Fleeting Memory?

Sometimes I wonder about the effect I have on other people's lives. Family, friends, acquaintances... But specifically, strangers. See, it can take you as long as five seconds to look at someone you're passing by on the street or in the mall or whoever's sitting on the table beside you at a restaurant. As long as, by the end of the day, you still remember that person, he or she has already had an effect on your life -- by living in your memory, even if it's just for a while.

This realization hit me while I was having my usual Sunday breakfast with my dad in ______. (Information hidden in case you might wanna stalk me and steal my food. I swear I'd go all Chuck Norris on your arsenal) I've been having brunch there for over two years now but many months ago, I noticed this particular uncle. He was no ordinary uncle. He was kind of special, actually.

The uncle was fairly old; grey hairs, slightly leaning towards being bald, wrinkles and all. And he would always, ALWAYS wear the same thing: a white shirt all buttoned up with the sleeves folded up almost to his shoulders, and shorts and slippers. Also, at all times, he'd have this small black pouch slung over his shoulder like he was carrying a women's handbag. Trust me, if you'd seen him, he would've looked pretty unique to you.

However, it was nothing in his dressing that captured my attention (though it successfully brought smiles to me and my dad each time); rather, it was in the way that he walked and how he looked when he did. His face would always look deeply concentrated, with his eyebrows furrowed into a slight frown. Not in an angry way but more like, there was some thought forever lingering in his mind. And his steps, they never failed to rush. Constantly rushing here and there. Nowhere that I knew of but I'm very sure he did because, he always looked like he had a goal, a destination. Kind of like a human version of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. I'd be Alice, stalking him >:D

Recently though, I've not seen him at all. For maybe, the past month or more. It makes me wonder and honestly, a tad bit disappointed each time he doesn't show up, like I'd expect him to. Almost like worrying for an old friend who's gone missing.

And just like that, I realized -- he's been made an effect in my life.

See, like they always say, "It's the little things that add up to become bigger things" right? and now I know that it may not just be 'things' but more or less, 'people' as well.

So now, I can never sit in a cafe or go strolling in a mall, glance at a particular someone's face and not think, "Hmm... Will that person remember me?"


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