Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Of Those Days

This is what happens on days that I don't have college:

*kedish. I dread assignments. I haven't even really started on them but ARGH. DREAD.

On a happier note though, I finally got to watch Ip Man 2 and it was too awesome for words. :D And when I say that, I really really mean it. Cause, I barely like any other Chinese shows. In fact, I don't even really watch Chinese shows much less LIKE them.

...except for when they're so kickass and it's Donnie Yen! :O

And on days like these, when I'm not active; when I'm not walking here and there and talking and busy jumping up-down going "MACHUPICHU!"... I just think too much. I think about what I've been doing, what I have to do, of people. You realize that as you grow older, more and more decisions tend to come crashing down at you all at once?

But yeah, it's not just decisions that's lingering in my mind. I've been missing my other buddies. I know I've been caught up in a whirlwind what with college and my lesupercool new friends whom are becoming so close to me it's like whoaa, miracles do happen. And I couldn't be more thankful, really.

Even so, I miss I miss I miss.. Everlast! Chef, Ah Ma, Meggu, Ju-san, you hear me?! ): Especially since it's coming, to that time of year again. And, I don't know. I've got so much on my plate of thoughts. But for now, I just miss you guys.

And I miss you, V.
Very very very much.

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