Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Bully Jitterbug ):

Recently, I've come to realize the perks and disadvantages of having a small car. As everyone knows, I drive an almost 5 year old Kelisa and I love it to death, really, because:

1) It can fit in small spaces. In every nook and cranny, in any small gap, beside longkang, behind single-parking lots, in-between cars, YOU NAME IT, I CAN FIT THAR! :D (Mind you, I'm talking about the car ok, not my driving skills. Please hold off all insults until the next post about my actual, driving) And it's not just in parking. Also when I want to cut in front of other people. Ngek!

2) It's easy to drive. This applies to parking, turning corners, speeding, etc. Small cars are just awesome lah okay, why else do you think Mr Bean drove one? 8D

3) You can trick people. Like, you're driving with your supposedly more "cool" bigger car, desperately looking for a parking space on a weekend afternoon, and then you see one on the next lane. So you get excited, you speed there and the next thing you know, you find a Kancil/Kelisa/Viva nicely parked in there. And I'll be all "YEAAAA, THAT'S ME, DAWG". Then you cry, and go home.

4) It takes 10 minutes to wash. Or half an hour, whatever! Plus I don't have to climb anything to wash the top :D (But if you're way shorter than me then well......i'm sorry.)

5) IT'S KYOOOOT. Even like the Smart Car, which looks kinda like a premature baby, would anytime beat the cuteness of say... an Estima. Huge comparison BUT, my point still stands.

However, I've also come to learn of the disadvantages of having a small car. I mean, not so much 'disadvantage' per se, but there are little things here and there that kinda itches me sometimes. For example, big cars like to bully small cars. ): They see an innocent lamb of a Kancil driving peacefully on the road and then some monster truck comes charging behind, tailgating the whole way. Annoying okeh?!

Plus, recently, I've no idea why, people have found it fascinating to be able to plant their wonderful backsides on the front of my car like it's some free park bench. There have been a few occasions where they leave their stuff there too. Oh and apparently, now's the trend to lean motorbikes against small cars.

Yeah, exactly: "WTF"

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