Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why, Hello Thar

Hello you wonderful, awesome people of whom some I don't know of. ♥

I'm sorry that I've not been updating as much as I want to, recently. Seriously though, it's all because of assignments, no kid. I've been swamped with it and I've never written as much as I have in the past month. Though it's kind of a love-hate thing since it's forcing me to put my writing to the test or else I'll just continue being a potato (or in my friends' case, a BANANA) and never push myself to write. But at the same time, it's draining my energy and getting me frustrated at the smallest of details. Note: I'm a perfectionist.

New names I've picked up:
  • Banana, as stated
  • Group Leader
  • Sofa (???)
  • Chee Cheong Fun
  • Zhang FISH FUN (??????)
And I've begun responding to them. Ohlord, what's wrong with me.

Also, for the past few days, I've been--get this--watching How I Met Your Mother! :D I know a few people who would be proud of me right now. Cause they are the ones who have been continuously pestering me to watch this ever since goodness knows when. Now I know why. It is, fuh-reakin hilarious. I like so much. Teehee, all the characters are awesome :) *Barney-wink*

Anywho! I'll update more next time, when I'm not possibly falling sick and feeling sleep deprived and dreaming about bear suits. (I really, really want one) Lights out, people!

PS. Don't forget about the formspring. *hint hint* ;)

Robin: Okay, not that I care about this challenge but it's cheating to wear overalls over a suit.
Barney: No it's not. They're not called "over-tee-shirts", Robin. They're not called "over-shirtless-fat-guys who used to come fix my mom's car and then hang out with her upstairs for a little while. No. They're called "overalls" and I can wear them over whatever I want.

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