Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Lazy Update Pt. 2

After 3 months of college, I've picked up a new ability-- I can fly! HEHEHEHE. Okay, no, not really. But honestly, I have learnt something new. I can now recognize the smell of ciggs from like, really far away. Eventhough it's faint, I can still smell it. My parents are immensely amazed and proud of me. *wishful thinking*

Besides that, I've just been lifeless and sick and runny-nosey and watching How I Met Your Mother episode after episode. I swear, I'm so hooked on it like how I was the first time I saw Scrubs. I finished season 4 in two days o___o

..and if any of my group members see this, yes, I've totally been doing assignments as well. *shifty eyes*

Highlights of the past week:
  • I finally got all my assignments sorted out and most of them are finished. I thought I could breathe fresh air, have a little more lazy time, maybe run out to the mountains with 7 other children and sing, I don't knowwww. But noo, my lecturer just had to give another assignment which is due this week and it's about 1MALAYSIA. Ohcheese. How do you work with a concept you don't believe in so much it's almost equivalent to a leprechaun appearing at the end of a rainbow with gold.
  • Watched a very, very awesome match between Germany and England with collegemates. And managed to avoid getting a single mosquito bite despite the swarm that was vigorously flying around. :D VIVA LA GERMANYYY!!!
  • I miss Australia's Kleenex toilet paper. It was heavenly.
  • My dad is cutting Nickelodeon AND Disney Channel. DISNEY CHANNEL. I mean I know most of the new cartoons suck but still. DISNEY CHANNELLLL. Cut my childhood memories with virtual scissors, why don't you?!
  • Lewis's bbq last week made me realize how much I miss hanging out with the old gang. I barely see them anymore. ):

  • Congratulate me, I'm a proud mother of a food baby! :D Thanks to my mother's consent to ordering pizza last night, I went kinda crazy and finished a large pizza and 3 chicken wings. Ohlord. I love you, unhealthy food in all its glory.
  • I now own, a very awesome Stewie t-shirt. I feel like a very happy fangirl right now.
  • Say hello to my eyebags. I named them Panda Eyes.
  • *pulls out hair* STREEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Stress because a) I still have a few group assignments, b) I have presentations for the next two weeks, c) I don't really have anything to wear for then :/ and, d) My hair doesn't seem to be growing, hence the pulling of hair. *cries.

Now, I shall go continue my diabolical plan on a few things I'm about to do next week. You shall see soooon, *eyebrow wiggles*

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