Monday, July 5, 2010

Viva La? Viva La?

I'm back for more gleeful-pro-Germany posts, teehee. I'm sorry but I can barely contain my joy when people bring up last night's match. Did you see? Did you seeeee?!


Ngeeeeeee, *skips around and overdoses on happiness*

My fellow Deutschland supporters

A cincai Netherland-dressed son of mine

And a somewhat-normal Stewie fangirl (too bad you can't see the tee)

Again, I managed to escape being the prey of mosquitoes. I am so loving my blood right now. Besides that, I'm starting work tomorrow, hollerrrr! :D

...okay, the excitement deceives you. I'm actually dreading it, only because I didn't even sign up there nor wanted to work there but got assigned there anyway. Story of my life. But well! Keeping an open heart, an open mind- hopefully no one tries to kill me. Plus, all those hours.. perfect time to learn how to whistle.

..I feel so optimistic already. :D

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