Sunday, June 20, 2010

Driving Down The Speed Lane

It's been a crazy past week and I've just been waking up without even a first thought on anything- just like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. And then as the day progresses, I become more like a canvas that gets painted on and torn off every 5 minutes. Time is clearly not on my side right now. Everyday's like a passing blur and the assignments have just been piling up. Ohcheese, don't even get my started on that.

...TOO LATE. ASSIGNMENTS, GUH. I have a number of it enough to conquer my condo unit if they ever came to life. So many to finish up and to be completely honest, group ones are THE worst. Not because of my members but more of me, having grown up working solo, with my mind so tuned into my own opinions and way of doing things. So having to adjust is already a challenge on its own- don't even have to think of the work just yet. When I do open up my work to do though, I'm all "OOH SHINY RED BALL! :D"

I have wonderful willpower, thank you.

Besides that, another thing that depresses me is the fact that I barely have any time left to write. No creative writing indulgence at all- ZIP. I don't even have ideas anymore. I'm even struggling to type this.
It's official. My thoughts are as boring as the bottom of my shoe.

Highlights of the past week:
  • We had our first trial marketing paper which was easier than I thought it would be. I really expected that that would be the day I could say goodbye and jump off my college building (though I won't die and would probably have to struggle all the way up to jump off again) due to Daphne staying over and 0% studying was done. Well, 0% if you don't count the 5 minutes of speed reading through notes before class. I guess that bit of "hard work" (...i'm just trying to make myself look less pathetic, tqvm) paid off and I managed to pass. Without... knowing the results..... o_o LET'S JUST SAY, the whole class in general did not fare exactly well resulting in lecturer + disappointment + rage bbq i want to burn your papers, shave your hair and sell it to china. Yep. Not very good.
  • Seeing my darling GERMANY once again, in the World Cup. Though, no Ballack and the first-timers, I beh tahan but oh well. You just have to accept what you've got, even if it's a guy named Cacau and you just feel like grabbing one of those vuvuzela thingies and throwing it at him. Or the person next to you. Whatever suits your taste.
  • I've been eating waaaay too much recently. I get food cravings so easily now, it's not even funny. I'd like to blame it on raging hormones but um, I don't think you get cravings when you have raging hormones. (OR, DO YOU?) I don't even know whether I have raging hormones right now. I just feel like I'm pregnant and I'm feeding for two.
  • I finally got to watch Toy Story 3! It was as awesome and emotional as I anticipated it to be. I love you, Pixar.
  • I CAN HAS NEW TEEVEE AND ASTRO BEYOND NAO :D And omg, my new TV is sexy beyond words. It has a direct USB port so that basically means I can now just download and watch any show/movie that I want on my big backside of a TV without having to plug in any extra cables and all that ma fan shiznit. *breathes* I CAN LIVE ON MY COUCH NOW, ISN'T THAT GREAT? :D :D
Pikchas! of the past week (just a few):

What happens when Daph and I don't get enough sleep.

I was kinda running back and forth my college friends and GRC friends.
I actually felt really bad. I'm sorry, you guys ):

Sue Anne and Wayee getting a load of our bags ;)

Javen! :)

I liked this until I realized the longer I looked at it,
the weirder it seemed. Now I don't like it so much. D:

Oh, and, Happy Father's Day to all the super dads out there! No, they're not perfect and yes, they certainly do have THEIR days but I've spent enough years with children of all ages to know they are more than enough to handle. So I am truly thankful for mine. :)

And now, I shall go watch my sexy TV and drool over Kimora's life kthxbai.

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