Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Lazy Update :)

  • The other day, we had a random English exercise and I was teamed up with- oh gosh.Colin, Waqi, AND Jerry. The three craziest people you could possibly add in the same group. We had to create our own planet and we came up with- Planet Dunno, sand = rice, naked people and, three free chicks to every person. *facepalm.
  • Yesterday, our pc lecturer decided that it was Revision Day which, basically translated to us as, Do Whatever You Want As Long As You Keep Quiet Day. :D We managed to kill two and half hours doing... goodness knows what. I know I was busy working my pro artistic skillz on Paint (don't playplay), there was food and chatting, and Waqi got frustrated trying to get Daphne and me to read Mandarin. Teehee. HENHAO! :B

  • I can confidently say that college days are starting to get better :)
  • People will probably think I'm being a big sap for saying this, but I think I'll totally miss my seniors when they leave. :/

  • I am, so psyched that my beloved Ah Ma has finally completed her O Levels with all her best, no doubt. ;) Plus this means that we can FINALLY have our sleepover that I've been craving for ages now. Time to get the sparklers, cameras and sleeping bags ready! *bigbig smiles*
  • I got to watch Prince of Persia yesterday and to be honest, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I kinda expected it to be crap since most people said it was. I'm probably weird, but am I the only person who thought the parkour moves were pretty kickass.. :/
  • Ahh, I love you guys for humoring me on Formspring. So entertaining lah. Ask more ask more! :D
  • Writing my to-do list on my mirror has proven to be such trusted help. I don't forget things so easily anymore and heehee, I feel so satisfied when I get to cross off the stuff one by one. Not to mention, since I write directly on my mirror, it looks so 3D when I stand in front of it. Ooooo...

  • My eyebags are so, panda.
  • I feel different, somehow. I'm not sure whether it's good or bad different but I think it's leaning more towards the first. Cause I thought that one day, I was just feeling hyper thanks to the yoghurt drink I got but then, I'm still the same way today. Or maybe it's just a phase where I'm infinitely happier but I'm hoping this stretches out to a long time. Nobody likes to see sad face now, yes?
  • This is, very random but- I like dem syok sendiri everytime I Facebook search Sophira Chong and even after clicking "See More Results Of", there's still only one of me. Small things like these, makes me all tingly and bubbly inside. Mucho appreciation. :)
  • Okay, I. Need. Sleep. Goodnight, world!

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