Sunday, June 6, 2010

Girls And Friendly Rapists

So I was reading the newspaper this morning, and usually you know, you go for the articles with the most interesting headlines first. Like you would skip something that said "Royal couple graces show" but your eyes would go to something like "Girl who nabbed snatch thief with her ninja kungfu integrated moves and poked him with color pencils until he couldn't tahan and decided to jump off building". Right? I know, totally.

(Okay, not exactly, but she DID nab the guy unlike the other hundreds of people who'd just stand and watch and go, "Zomg, look! Somebody, buy popcorn so we can stand here and watch that guy fight that lady for her purse!")

Anyway, the first thing I saw was Three 17 Yr Olds Claim They Were Molested By Rapist Taxi Driver. And I normally read these kind of articles first so it will fuel my rage and anger towards idiotic horny men like these and make me feel like being all IP Man and hunt them down. So yeah, I was reading and thinking DEATH TO TAXI MAN! until I came to the part where it said,
"However, once the man lured the girls into his house, he would reveal his true nature to them."


The girls didn't say he forced them. And they said he was sweet.

Wait, hold up. SWEET?

Firstly, it doesn't even matter whether he has been fetching you constantly back to your house and you somewhat trust him. You don't freaking go into some random taxi uncle's house willingly just because he was a 'smooth talker'. Wth. That doesn't even sound right. He practically has Paedophile written all over his forehead. What, did the girls think they were gonna find this in his house?

And the first 3 girls were already raped, the second 3 girls STILL humor this guy. Seriously, girls -- young and old alike -- these days are just asking for it. They might as well just run down the street naked, screaming,



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