Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Met Jerry's Evil Relative

Phwoar! I can't update this blog to save my life, I know. But I'm beginning to get so lazy nowadays. I'll try to keep updating though, or else I'll start contemplating about closing down this blog and I'm gonna hear some ngap ngap ngap from some people. ;)

So anyway, you know, there are some mornings when you wake up and feel totally UNawesome and UNrested because something the night before was bothering you so much. For me, the thing that was bothering me was the spawn of evil itself. The baby of doom. What's big and brown and makes everyone wanna either throw up or stab it like the scene in Psycho. The Cockroach.

I saw it run into my room last night while I was happily munching on my Freddos and living life peacefully and uncockroachily. And then I was all, "DEMON CREATURE!" and paranoid all night. ): It ran under my bed and after waiting up for my dad to come home from movie at like almost 3AM, it was just simply dismissed with him saying, "Don't worry lah, cockroaches stay in one corner and don't move wan."


Well, guess what? I woke up this morning, pretty much confident about that evil thing still resting under my bed. I went to the toilet and ladida, came out, pulled the blanket and then, THERE IT WAS. THAT BROWN SICK EXCUSE OF AN INSECT. WEAGAKLHJTIOAH. I went berserk and called for my mom. All she did was laugh and said it probably slept with me all night.

You guys are the best parents, really. I smell a Parent Award coming.

Anyway, thankfully, it ran out of my room so I chased after it, totally equipped with bug spray and the words "I KILL YOU" practically written all over my face. It ran to a corner in my kitchen and I unleashed my bug-spraying fury on the dude. Now it's dead. And I'm free. NGAHAHAHA!! Good job Soph, good job. ^_^v

I would show you a picture of the dead thing but like, Zoe would probably stab me with her sewing needles. And we don't want that now, do we. :)

Highlights of the past week:
  • Working hasn't been so bad since, I have the same shifts as my sort-of senior and he's so awesome lah :) He has this don't-be-boring policy so he's always making me chat with him and giving me sweets and, out of all the people working there, he's the most helpful. Like a big brother figure, hee.
  • I saw my first gay customer! He was trying on women's scarves while waiting for his lady friend to change. It was like, super obvious and he had both his hands/wrists held up midway kinda like what aunties do when they hang their bags above the elbow. Or when dogs beg for food. Or bunnies. Bunnies are so cute, :O
  • Movie with Vonn! and I didn't get to see her drive off. Sadface, ):
  • On Sunday, we celebrated Wayee's birthday. Had a lot of pool-pushing, picture-taking, and *cough cough* spin the bottle moments. Ohgosh. I'll post more pictures in the post.

Oh dem. Work soon. Guh D:

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