Friday, July 23, 2010

You & Me, Snap Snap!

Chef and Yau Mak, short bonding time. SLEEPOVER, PLEASE :(

Wayee's 18th birthday at Vince's place.
It rained and we swam. I'm surprised none of us fell sick o_o

Colin! :)

Birthday girl :)

Jerry's weird, big head :) :)

Craploads more of pictures but, I lazy to upload heh :)

Last day of class, with our seniors. Oh gosh, weird much :(
So we went for futsal. Well, more like, the boys played- and the girls cheered.
Teehee. After that, oh so famous nasi lemak and then home sweet home.

On the way home- the sky was so, pretty.

2207 (AM)
Finally got to have long chat/webcam session with the Wife :)
I miss those so much. Plus she looked so kyooot!

2207 (PM)
Out with the guys and Cherrie.
Jason spotted his minion :O


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