Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Lazy Update Pt. 3

So I watched Eclipse yesterday and to be honest, I still can't believe I paid to watch that. But anyway, my sister wanted me to teman her so like, okaaaay, sisterly love trumps all. At least, I can safely say it was way better than New Moon because that one was mostly just watching Bella have some traumatic seizure throughout the whole movie. You could've replaced her with a retarded cat suffering from brain cancer and wanting to commit suicide. It would've looked almost the same. :/

If you're wondering if I'm on Team Jacob or Team Edward though (seriously, why teams? They sound like cheerleaders) you lost me cause the second Jasper was on-screen, I was all "HELLLOOOO SEXY! :D" Oh yeah and I was discussing with my sister right, since vampires are dead and all... how do the males get turned on? o_o How would they even.. do it since it's all limp and..

lolol okay, inappropriate question. :p

SIGH. Exams begin next week. I can, do it!

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