Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Four: Your Siblings / Closest Relative

Dear Two Nutty Females I Share The Same Blood With,

..I love you. Goodbye.


Sometimes it takes me a while to step back and just realize like- whoa. God has blessed me so much just by giving me you two. Or technically, giving me to you. :P Not a lot of people get to be this close with their siblings and it often makes me frustrated when the people around me don't know how to appreciate someone who could, possibly be the best friend of your life. For me, I so happen to have two and I could not appreciate you both any more than I already do now.

Siblings argue, siblings have their little tiffs and silent treatments come by every now and then. But they never last long because we can never not talk to each other. How can you avoid the people who are so much, a part of your everyday? More than once does my day feel odd without you in it.

And then you moved away and it got WEIRDER. Especially since you were practically like my second mother, taking me out wherever you went, wanting me to hold your hand all the time (until you got Korkor :P), scolding me whenever. All that motherly stuff. No wonder it came to naturally to you when you got Jaeda, ehee. Every single time you leave to return to Australia, it's like a part of us missing. But at least I still have the other YOU, thank God.

We have, too much memories, myriads of hilarious moments. All the good times I recall, there's not one where we're not laughing till we couldn't breathe and like, working our ABS. I know those will never end and I can see many more a moment like those crazy ones in the future.

I can only thank you. Thank you, for teaching me. Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you guiding me to become a somewhat, and I hope, mature person that I am today. Thank you for being there so I can kacau without even thinking twice about it. Thank you for letting me go crazy and hyper and "HUJAAN :D" all on you. Thank you for blasting our so-called clubbing music in the car and singing out loud with me. Thank you for loving me.

So cheers to us, amigas. May we grow old together (but look younger), laugh together, cry together, have 20 kids together!


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