Monday, September 6, 2010

Day Three: Your Parents

Photo credits: Pez en el desierto

Dear you two,

Oh where do I begin. We go way back, we do.. :P

You two are as unstable as a girl who's in her time of month and is having a mad time swinging in the middle of a playground called PMS. Sometimes you're as happy as gold and would say yes to almost anything, hence why I take full advantage of that and ask many "questions" (exception to puppies. Why father, why?). And other times you just storm around or it's like as if you purposely wait outside my door for me to come out and start nagging at like.. 9:30 in the AM. And yet, I love you both so much and are to me, like my No.1 superheroes.

...or maybe No.2. Cause I really love Spiderman and, well... you guys can't fly. =/

I know I'm not the perfect child and I've succeeded in being a disappointment too many times to count. I know I can often be as lazy as a sack of potatoes. And I know I wasn't exactly planned and even if I was, I was supposed to be a boy. But hey! Look at it this way- at least I saved you guys from a naming predicament! I mean, come on. If it worked out that way, it'd be like- Sophenie, Sophina, ......Bob.


And nevertheless, despite all that, the love you've shared was and is never failing. I have all the gratefulness and thanks in the world for you, my papa and mama bear! From changing my smelly diapers (but adorable, RIGHT? :D) to hugging me while I cried on my first day of kindergarten to teaching me throughout the years of studying at home to talks about anything- life, relationships, studies, work.... to now, the present, and to the future. And though I flop majority of the times, but I continue to strive for only one thing -- your pride, in me. Cause that, to me, is like the equivalent to winning the Olympics. Truly.

Pa, never stop making fun of people we know.
Mie, continue to syok sendiri cause it makes me laugh.

Ai lap yoo gaiz! ^__^

P/S: I'm actually considering writing this out and giving it to them.

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