Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day Two: Your Crush

Dear you,

You probably don't know all of this. Or, perhaps you do.

Perhaps you do know that I always look forward to the day I get to see you. And if I don't, then I get a little disheartened; a little disappointed. But then I raise my own hopes that I'll be able to see you the following week or the week after that. It's a little crazy. Or very. I haven't decided yet.

Perhaps you do know that everytime I DO get to see you, my heart just skips a beat a little. Like, a speed bump in-between a thump-thump. I don't know why that is either. I can't explain how, a quick flash of a glance at you, could push me towards excitement for the rest of the night and make me go home to my sister with a, "I SAW HIM TODAYYY! SMILEYFACE."

Perhaps you do know that when you smile at me, I quietly melt inside- though I keep a straight face or maybe, just maybe, smile a little back. Without even speaking, when it comes to those 2-second eye contacts or laughs, it feels like as if we communicated. And it's funny because, we haven't even said a "Hello" to each other yet.

Perhaps you do know that my omma and I have given you a nickname so that when we talk about you, nobody would ever know. Okay, of course you don't know that but still.

And perhaps you do know that all of this began.. when I first saw you dance.

It's an impossible, ridiculous and childish slightest bit of a crush.
But it's one that makes me smile to myself and feel like a little girl again. *:)

P/S: Hahahaha, oh the drama. *eyebrow wiggles.
P/P/S: People who know nada about this, don't take this too seriously. :P

Edit: Chef, refrain from typing his name in the public lol.

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